Close friends and family are more likely than acquaintances or strangers to catch someone yawning, reported.据热点科学网站报导,一项新的研究指出,一个人如果打了一个哈欠,他的亲近朋友和家人比其他人或陌生人更容易跟着打。

英公司推出在线服务 可预测你能够活几岁【亚博网页版登录】

The life-limiting risks of poor diet, excessive alcohol and smoking are widely known. But a new service is to be launched to more accurately predict their impact as we reach old age.The new website will use a mathematical formula to calculate how the lives of users will turn out and what steps they can take to alter their future.Lord Geoffrey Filkin, chairman of the Centre of Ageing Better is overseeing the new site, which he believes will provide a ‘gold standard’ of evidence to help maintain health and happiness. He said: ‘We will not be telling people what they should do, but we will be providing them with a gold standard of scientific and research evidence if they want to improve their wellbeing in later life.’这不是在线命理,而是利用更为科学的算法,通过你的生活习惯、饮食习惯来推算你的生命年龄。